Youtube Channels to Follow

YouTube is a great way to get lost in the thousands of cat videos…finish one and they play the next one and give you recommendations on related video’s…

It’s also a great website to stay up to date and subscribe to content creators on things you would like to know more off or that are simply fun to watch. I have been subscribed to some channels for years, and added more over the years (now and then I go trough the list and unsubscribe from channel I don’t watch).

The table is the list of YouTube channels I am subscribed to, there are many…out of those these are my top 5 channels:

The School of Life
Talks At Google
Historia Civilis
The Economist

Title Topic
Vice Documentaries
The Economic club of Washington, D.C. Economics
Big Think Education
Brian Johnson Education
CPG Grey Education
CrashCourse Education
Hoover Institution Education
Kurzgesagt Education
SciShow Education
SciShow Space Education
Ted -Ed Education
The Harriman Institute Education
Tim Ferriss Education
Uni Common Knowledge Education
CaseyNeistat Entertainment
History Buffs Entertainment
LastWeekTonight Entertainment
Primitive Technology Entertainment
Rémi Gaillard Entertainment
vlogbrothers Entertainment
Historia Civilis History
The Great War History
Aswath Damodaran Investing
Monish Pabrai Investing
Oaktree Capital Investing
Preston Psych Investing
Real Vision Television Investing
The Manual of Ideas Investing
WealthTrack Investing
GreenWood Investors Investing
Philip DeFranco News
The Economist News
The New York Times News
The New York Times Conferences News
Vox News
Financial Times News
TheGatesNotes Philanthropy
Wireless Philosophy Philosophy
The School of Life Philosophy
AsapScience Science
minutephysics Science
N N Taleb’s Probability Moocs Science
Numberphile Science
SmarterEveryDay Science
Veritasium Science
Y Combinator Start -ups
Talks at Google Education
Dave Lee Technology
Marques Brownlee Technology
Recode Technology
SpaceX Technology




































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