Weekly Kaizen – 16th of October

This week in  ‘Weekly Kaizen’, a collection of random links of interesting articles and videos:

Last week, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, publish an article on Medium discussing Ed Thoprs Memoir

Foreword to Ed Thorp’s Memoirs (A Man for All Markets)

Article from Brainpickings, discussing time:

The Psychology of Time and the Paradox of How Impulsivity and Self-Control Mediate Our Capacity for Presence

Article from Bloomberg: Biographer Ashlee Vance examines the troubles at Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity:

Elon Musk’s Wild Ride

The Economist Films produces high quality videos on a regular basis, one of their most recent video discusses the disruption in the energy market:

Oil and gas companies are facing major technological disruption

And finally and video explaining one of the highest and most powerful positions in the Roman Empire: