Purpose of this blog

What is the purpose of this blog?

Initially, the intention was to share content related to investing.There is no shortage of content and topics to share and post; from value investors, investing websites, videos, podcasts, investing tools, etc. While collecting the material and preparing it to post online I realized that it wasn’t going to add any value to the blog, not for myself nor the visitors. If someone wanted for instance to find out more information regarding a value investor they could go to other websites such as Valuewalk, Investopedia, Wikipedia and dozens of other websites/blogs…or simply Google the investor’s name.

The same goes for sharing content; video’s, articles, podcasts and posting it as ‘Weekly Kaizen’, what good does it do when it’s just a collection of links? So I decided to go back to the basics: writing.

The blog post writings will be on my thoughts/ views on a wide variety of topics related to investing or gaining wisdom. This could be on philosophy (Stoicism), summaries of books/articles or analysis on companies/sectors.

What makes writing so important? Writing helps to validate your thinking process to make sure you understand the related topic/ experiences.
Quoting Dr. Paul Kalanithi from ‘When Breath becomes air’ on the reason to write:

‘I felt that to understand my own direct experiences, I would have to translate them back into language. Hemingway described this process in similar terms: acquiring rich experiences, then retreating to cogitate and write about them. I needed words to go forward.’

Furthermore, it is one of the most overlooked traits of great investors in that they are excellent communicators:

Look around at some of the best investors of all time and you’ll see a common denominator: They are excellent communicators.

Warren Buffett – amazing writer.
Charlie Munger – amazing writer.
Ben Graham – amazing writer.
Seth Klarman – amazing writer.
John Bogle – amazing writer.
Joel Greenblatt – amazing writer.
Howard Marks – amazing writer.
Jim O’Shaughnessy – amazing writer.
(source: http://www.collaborativefund.com/blog/the-most-overlooked-trait-of-investing-success/?__s=mhnosisgskbqpa42mnzs)
Consistency in writing (posting blog posts) will be key. Yes I will make mistakes, in grammar, thinking processes, analysis, and more. I will read back articles that I wrote and disagree with myself or be embarrassed that I wrote something like that down. That’s ok, as long as it will make me a better writer and investor. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes and sharing them, it will help me not to repeat those mistakes. Warren Buffett is famous for openly sharing his thoughts and mistakes, and he is one of the greatest investors of all time.

Consistency by a great love of the work.

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